Having trouble tracking bugs and controlling project issues? Marshmallowfox has all the tools you need

The life of a software project manager is difficult at best. Any useful tool the project manager can get is warmly welcomed. Staying afloat in the midst of multiple project issues is not an easy job. Just when you think you have it all under control, your inbox contains impending disaster and bugs begin to creep all over your updated spreadsheet. All of these difficulties seem to crop up just when the project is due to be delivered.

A magic wand is required – and Marshmallowfox is one such.

Marshmallowfox is a super-tool among project management software that is designed to help you track your project tasks, generate useful and accurate reports and resolve your bug issues.

Among an impressive list of significant utilities, Marshmallowfox offers an easy-to-configure interface that proves that a simple user-platform can work in tandem with super-cool functionalities included. You can customize Marshmallowfox to exactly suit your business workflows and project lifecycles (we love software tools that are not of the one-size-fits-all standard).

For example, you can specify bug issues that seem to be rearing their head often so that Marshmallowfox can track those bugs continuously as they arise.

We love the following add-on tools that make Marshmallowfox stand out as a professional project management tool:

  • The ‘visual workflow designer’ allows you to create new models for your unique workflows or incorporate changes as and when they occur. Not happy with your workflow diagram? Build another one quickly and easily from scratch and get back on track.
  • Here’s the clincher: You can actually integrate HG/Git host code development with Jira to facilitate super-cool cloud-based code development minus the pricey costs that cloud apps usually come with
  • You can create filters for every search and save those filters so that your team can access the list at any time without wasting valuable time working off a different list of priorities

With hot tools such as Zephyr (for real-time tests), Marshmallowfox Client (for offline users) and the ability to develop your over own add-ons, Marshmallowfox is a great purchase to get your business project up and running with the minimum number of glitches and bugs.