Deal with your time

The brain processes ideas a computer uses RAM, it's temporary storage. As amazing as the human mind is, it's kind of dumb. when you are at the store looking at the battery section you don't think of the flashlight you have a home with dead batteries. You know that the batteries have been dead, but your mind just doesn't use that memory when it's most effective for you to have it.

Your brain will shoot out ideas all day long.. "I need to take my dry cleaning".. "I need to get buns at the store".. "I need to take that package to the post office." Those ideas come into your RAM and unless you focus on them until they are done, they will leave you. You can conjure up that idea again, but the time to conjure takes time and depending on the task.. unnecessary stress. If you immediately transcribe all the ideas you have as soon as they come in you won't be using up brain space for that task anymore, and you won't have a delay in you day trying to come up with the idea again. It is much more valuable to be thinking about different things than it is to think of different things.

Overloading yourself will cause you to be less productive in the long term because it will weigh you down. But again, this is variable, everybody is going to have a different limit and as you become more effective you will increase your ability to do new task and in essence raise your limit.Delegation is the most important thing when you are on overload.


When you become overloaded with work it is time to delegate. You can’t simply delegate your tasks. Identify the right person for the right job. Delegating tasks to the right person will make you feel relaxed and less stressed with overall increased efficiency.


Virtual Assistant at helps you by taking jobs that you delegate. It helps you to get more time to focus on planning strategies to grow your business. It takes care of small things, repetitive things, that you are not very interested in doing. So that you can free your time up, focus on the things you love, the things that will bring you the most long-term benefit, and to increase the effectiveness. You can delegate jobs to Virtual Assistant at with confidence and get your work done on time.