7 Strategies for Legally Saving Money on Sports Tickets

Summer is a time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and participate in fun activities. Sporting events are the main attraction for many of us during the summer break!

Every day we compare prices online for things like electronics, clothes, and household supplies — so why not for sports tickets too? Finding cheap entertainment is all about knowing where to look, how to leverage the best deals and a little patience.

We could all use some extra money in our savings account, to spend on more important things — like buying clothes and supplies to prep for the back-to-school rush.

Below are seven out-of-the-box ways to save money on sports tickets, legally, and still have fun!

1. Plan to get early bird deals (or not)

Planning to attend certain games can be very beneficial since some events offer early bird specials, freebies, and discounts for people who purchase tickets early.

Likewise, if there’s an event you’d like to attend, but wouldn’t be heartbroken if you didn’t make it, try calling the box office the day of the event to see if any tickets are remaining. Many venues are so desperate to sell these tickets; they can often do so at a discounted price.

Sometimes being the early bird payoffs, and sometimes it’s better to wait until the last minute. You have to keep your eyes open and try the best method for your situation.

2. Leverage a group discount

Purchasing sports tickets in bulk for large group or party can save you a good deal of money since it decreases the overall price of each ticket. When possible, try putting together a group of friends to attend the sporting event with you, so you get access to the group discount prices.

3. Avoid service fees and buy direct

Unless you can find a large discount on tickets when purchasing them online or over the phone, they might not be worth buying. Many times, taking this route comes with extra fees and convenience charges.

So save yourself $5 to $10 per ticket by buying directly through the box office itself, instead of opting for the convenience factor.

4. Score big deals from real people

Now, before heading to the box office to purchase your tickets directly, do a quick search on sites like Craigslist, or eBay to see if anyone has a ticket for sale. Due to a scheduling conflict, sometimes people can’t use the ticket they purchased for the event, but don’t want it to go to waste. That’s when you can score a really good deal from a fellow fan.

You could also keep an eye out in your local newspaper or classified section to see if anyone has some tickets for sale at a decent price.

5. Check for coupons and discounts

Thanks to the convenience of the internet, it’s very possible never to pay retail price for anything, and this includes sporting event tickets.

Dealvario offers discounts and coupons for professional sports and events.

6. Research deals from sports brokers

When tickets first go on sale a lot of sports brokers buy up the tickets in hopes of turning a profit. But if you wait until it gets closer to game time, you can score some good deals from sports brokers who might have too many tickets in their inventory.

You can compare multiple brokers at once, like StubHub and TicketsNow, to find the best deal. Sites such as SeatGeek will display the exact ticket, seat, and price, so you have a baseline for the kind of price you’ll likely pay. This is where being patient, and doing a bit of research can pay off!

7. Barter with friends and family

If you know a friend or family member who always buys season passes, consider offering them a deal they can’t resist. Try bartering your services in exchange for a ticket to the upcoming game.

If your friends will be out of town during certain dates, and can’t attend the game, try negotiating a lower price for the tickets. Convince them it’s a win-win since they would lose out on the whole purchase price if the tickets didn’t get used, and you get a good deal in the process.

There are multiple ways to leverage being patient, doing some research and throwing in a little creativity, to find the best deals on sports tickets.